Business Insurance

Primo plc as a company first came into existence in 1971, although the name was not adopted until 2000. Primo is an amalgam of 9 different businesses, parts of which have been trading for over 50 years. The present management has not changed since 1987.

Excess public liability

Sometimes a public liability insurance limit of £1 or 2 million is not enough for your customer but your existing insurance company may decline to give you a higher limit. Local authorities, other public bodies and large contractors may demand that you have £5 million pounds of cover but this does not have to be provided by a single insurer nor will it cost the same for each million. Because the majority of claims are for significantly less than £1 million this limit is usually the most expensive with subsequent millions costing rather less.

We can arrange to top-up your basic limit to virtually any level necessary using an additional one or more insurance companies depending on the limit required and your trade.

Services Include:
Shops & Retailers
Property Owners
Smaller public / employers liability
Excess public liability
Directors & Officers
Commercial Legal Expenses
Club Insurances