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Primo plc as a company first came into existence in 1971, although the name was not adopted until 2000. Primo is an amalgam of 9 different businesses, parts of which have been trading for over 50 years. The present management has not changed since 1987.

Property Owners

You can get a good indication of the cost of insuring a Let Property here.

You can get a good indication of the cost of insuring an Unoccupied Property here.

If you are a landlord or own a property that you do not occupy, you need property owners insurance. Whether the property is a private house, commercial premises or combination of the two, property owners insurance will cover physical damage and in addition your liability should someone by injured which on the premises through your fault or negligence.

It is vitally important that insurers are given accurate details of the trade of all business occupiers and in the case of private tenants whether they are paying the rent themselves or it is being paid by a third party such as the DHS. If your insurers have been misled you will find that your insurance is rendered null and void – just what you do not want following a major fire.

Finally, do remember to tell your insurers when the premises are wholly or in part unoccupied because while this may be acceptable for a short while, particularly during renovation work, any longer and they may decline to continue the policy as it stands. Cover will still be available but possibly only through a specialist insurer and at a higher price than you were paying previously.

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Property Owners
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