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Primo plc as a company first came into existence in 1971, although the name was not adopted until 2000. Primo is an amalgam of 9 different businesses, parts of which have been trading for over 50 years. The present management has not changed since 1987.

Holiday Home

Because your holiday home is only occupied infrequently, most insurance companies refuse to insure this type of property in isolation. Whether it is security, defrosting frozen pipes, or a pile of ‘free’ newspapers on the front doorstep vulnerable to a discarded match, if you are not there it is difficult to limit the loss.

The insurer of your main home may sometimes agree to insure a second property but if not we have specialist schemes that will. This type of policy will generally only be available if your holiday home is located in the UK or popular European holiday destinations. However, if you qualify for certain High Net Worth policies availability may be worldwide.

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Holiday Home
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