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Home Insurance

The house and contents insurance you need – with no nasty surprises.

Insuring your home is easy but it’s easy to get it wrong, too, and find that when you have a claim, it’s not settled in full.
Primo's household insurance team avoids that trap by ensuring you have exactly the cover you need – no more and no less.

The listening broker

You like to talk? We love to listen.
At Primo, we don't sell home insurance online and we don't sell policies that suit us. Instead, we prefer to give personal advice on the best insurance for your needs – and that requires an old-fashioned conversation.
It’s not the quickest way and you may be surprised just how thorough we are, but it's the only way we know to give you the best advice and arrange the cover that’s exactly right for you.

Because you’re you

Come to Primo and you can be sure the cover we offer you is exactly right for you and no one else.
In order to give you an accurate insurance quote we need to know the value of your possessions on a replacement-as-new basis. To establish that figure, list the contents of every room and record what each item would cost to replace new. Antiques, works of art and other collectables should be valued professionally on a regular basis.
The overall total will be your sum insured.

Help us to help you

We want you to be properly insured so don't guess what your contents are worth or, worse, seek to reduce your premium by undervaluing them. Doing so will put you at risk of being underinsured and any claim you make will be reduced by the application of ‘average’, even if your claim is for only a part of your assets.
If you know, or expect, your sum insured to be in excess of £100,000, consider commissioning a professional valuation of the entire contents of your home. We recommend Gurr Johns, the largest independent specialist valuation company in Europe with a team of full-time expert valuers working worldwide at all financial levels.

Protecting your most important asset

More precious even than its contents, is your home. Primo has been advising clients for over 50 years. We know insurance to the last detail, and we know the pitfalls to avoid.
For example, if you have only recently bought your house and have a mortgage, the surveyor appointed by the lender will tell you what sum insured is necessary to insure it properly.
Do not use the purchase price of the house as your rebuilding sum insured. In prosperous areas where land is expensive, you will pay too much by over insuring. Conversely, where land is cheap or the state of repair is poor, reinstatement could easily cost much more than you paid originally and you will be underinsured.

We can quote for all the following, and more

  • Standard properties and high value
  • Listed, old and/or at risk of flooding
  • Unoccupied and/or undergoing renovation
  • Holiday homes and let properties

Primo household insurance – the difference:

The right policy for YOU
Cover precisely tailored to your needs

You talk, we listen
Talk to us direct – no online sales

In safe hands
Over 50 years of experience at your service

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