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Motor Fleet Insurance

If you use various vehicles for your business, you are legally required to have the correct vehicle insurance. You may find that insuring all the vehicles under a single policy, will save you time and may also save you money. If you supply company vehicles to employees, it is your responsibility to obtain insurance for your entire fleet. If you operate three vehicles, or over that qualifies as a motor fleet policy.

If your employees are using their private vehicles for work purposes, you are not obliged to cover the cost of their insurance, but you are required to ensure that they've got the minimum cover required by law. Your employee should disclose the fact that they are using their private vehicle for work purposes to their motor insurance provider.

Motor Insurance is made up of three primary levels of cover...

Third party - The minimum legal cover requirement in the UK. The third party policy covers you against costs that arise as a result of injuries or damages to other people or their property.

Third Party Fire & Theft - Includes everything essential third party policies cover with added protection against your vehicle being stolen or destroyed in a fire.

Comprehensive - The highest level of protection available. Protects against:

  • Injuries or damage to people and their property
  • Your vehicle being stolen or destroyed in a fire
  • Medical expenses and accidental damage
  • The cost of replacing your vehicle's contents

Sometimes specialist insurance policies are required if motor vehicles form a core part of your business, for example, if you run minicabs or taxis, plant hire, haulage or courier/delivery service.

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