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Property Owners Insurance

If you are a landlord or own a property that you do not occupy, you need landlord insurance. Whether the property is a private house, commercial premises or a combination of the two, landlord insurance will cover physical damage. Your liability, should someone by injured while on the premises, through your fault or negligence, will also be covered.

It is vitally important that insurers are given accurate details of the trade of all business occupiers and, in the case of private tenants, whether they are paying the rent themselves or it is being paid by a third party such as the Department for Work and Pensions. If your insurers have been misled, you will find that your insurance is rendered null and void.

You must tell your insurer when the premises are wholly or in part unoccupied because while this may be acceptable for a short while, particularly during renovation work, any longer and it may decline to continue the policy as it stands. Cover will still be available but possibly only through a specialist insurer policy and at a higher price than you were paying previously.

You can get a reasonable indication of the cost of insuring an Unoccupied Property here.

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