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Scaffolding Demand and Liability

August 1, 2017

After the events surrounding Grenfell, the removal of cladding from a number of residential blocks has featured in the news. Lately, the scaffolding suppliers are under pressure to supply scaffolders with the resources they need.

The need to make high-rise tower blocks across the UK safe in regards to cladding has seen upped pressure on scaffolding supplies. Scaffolding contractors are supporting the project to remove flammable cladding from council-owned tower blocks nationwide. So far 120 tower blocks have been found to have flammable cladding, with the majority requiring scaffolding to support removal.

According to The Guardian, 37 councils identified buildings which did not make the grade, and work to remove the cladding is already underway in Portsmouth, Manchester, Salford, Doncaster, Plymouth and more towns across the UK.

The immediate timescales for the project have seen a surge in demand of scaffolding and access products, which could, in turn, result in further short-term rises in scaffolding prices already seen due to post-Brexit increases in the costs of steel and timber and a weaker pound.

Scaffolding firms are reminded to check that there are no relevant height restrictions in their liability insurance policy.

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