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Why We Wear Safety Gear

August 1, 2017

Safety clothing is one of the essential pieces of equipment needed on any construction site. An estimated 591,000 accidents in the workplace occurred in 2011/12, so we felt that a reminder of just how important these items are needed writing:

Safety Equipment for your Head.

Hard Hat - The most recognised item of safety gear on building sites. Surprisingly only 16% of contractors who sustained head injuries in 2011/12 wore a hard hat, despite 40% being required to wear them for specific tasks and locations. 85% of those accidents only resulted in bruising and lacerations luckily. However, 26% suffered concussions, and over 30% were the result of falling objects.

Ear Defenders - Building sites are quite loud, machinery, plant and the use of specific tools raise the noise levels significantly and this, in turn, results in irreversible and permanent hearing loss or impairment for many site workers. Psychological stress is also another factor which discovered only in recent years as being a direct result of not protecting your hearing.

Face Shield/Mask - Of 770 workers reporting facial injuries, a tiny 1% were wearing some form of face protection. Thirty percent of these injuries were caused by various metallic objects weighing in at a pound or more. Nearly half of these accidents resulted in lacerations, punctures and bruising, 27% were fracturing.

Eye Goggles - Only forty percent of injuries sustained to the eyes by site workers were wearing protective equipment made for the eyes, that's a massive 60% with no protection to one of the most vulnerable organs.

Safety Clothing for your Body

Jackets and Trousers - Correctly made for building sites protect against a variety of dangers including heat, hot metals and liquids, impacts, cuts, radiation and acid. Due to the high visibility materials used they also make you less likely a victim of a collision.

Gloves - Protect from burns, cuts, chemical exposure, amputation and electrical shocks.

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